The Keys

My husband once had a dream about driving on a freeway that led over the bluest ocean. He was sitting in the car with his soulmate, feeling the breeze, smelling the salty paradise. That was before he discovered The Keys.

When we went in 2006, he immediately knew this is the place. And since then, we've been dreaming about it together. 

Those little islands are very special. Little corn flakes scattered in a Caribbean blue milky way. When life gets too busy, this place is perfect to forget the old and welcome the new. 

White Sands

When we were planning our trip back in April, my very good friend Kate told me we have to visit the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. We didn't know what to expect but after doing some research, we learned this should be more fun than we realized. Especially for kids. One of the best features this park offers is definitely renting a sled. Have you ever sled down the hill on a pristine white sand dune? Well, we neither. And let me tell you, it's kind of fun. 

Being in this park also means your senses will be at some point tricked. You lose touch with reality since everything around you is pure white, there is no sound and everything all of a sudden looks the same. You can get lost in miles and miles of white sand and explore the untouched land that is waiting for your excitement. 

If you are around, please, do yourself two favors: go and have fun and don't forget to bring plenty of water!